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For 60 years, international business has been part of Gautier's DNA.

Now present in over 50 countries, we continue to grow and are always on the lookout for new partners that share our values. 

With 75 franchised stores in France, we have developed different concepts suitable for the international market in the form of stores, shops and brand concessions.


1. The Gautier Store

With a surface area of 300 to 500m², our stores accommodate our full range of living room, adult, children's and sofa collections

2. The Gautier Boutique

Our boutique concept is designed for city centre spaces of 150-200m². A materials library and 3D rendering help our customers to visualise their projects.

3. Gautier brand corner

These Gautier corners are created inside specialist home interior design stores and offer pared-down collections to meet the needs of a particular country.

4. Gautier Kids Corner

As a specialist in children's furniture for 60 years, our Kids corners showcase our children's collections.

As you can see, we're good at adapting. 

The most important thing is that we carefully consider your project together.

Find us (or rather our team) by contacting:

GAUTIER - BP - 85510 Le Boupère
+33 2 51 61 40 00

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