French furniture designer and manufacturer for 60 years

More than green

An ethical stance right from the outset

Respect for people and the planet has been one of our key values for over 60 years. We take pride in championing these values which are now even more crucial than ever.

More than just an initiative: good sense

Here at Gautier, we have always been green. Going far beyond the iconic colour of our logo, we have been putting people and the environment at the heart of everything we do since we launched our business as a French furniture manufacturer. That's why taking meaningful steps towards preserving resources, lowering our carbon emissions and reducing our environmental impact has come completely naturally to us.
David Soulard, Managing Director of the Gautier France group.

Our 3 cornerstones of eco-friendly furniture

Aware of our impact on the environment and strongly committed to conserving resources, we eco-design our furniture and adhere to a circular economy approach at every stage of production.

Our initiatives for the planet:

  • 50% recycled wood and 50% wood from sustainably managed forests
  • 100% of the wood comes from French forests located within 300 km of our factories
  • The sawdust resulting from our manufacturing process has been used to fuel our wood-fired boilers for over 50 years
  • We use burnt wood from fires in the western region of France in our panels
  • At a local level, we are increasing our biodiversity initiatives: maintaining country hedgerows, eco-grazing at our Chantonnay site, 6 beehives at our Boupère site, financial support to the CETA44 charitable association that trains future beekeepers, etc.

Committed to the planet

As a family business, we believe in putting people first. We make sure we offer all our 750 employees a safe, healthy and respectful working environment where passing on expertise is a must. Our high standards apply outside our factories, extending to our customers and local area.

Our people-based initiatives: 

  • Creating our Cap Métiers in-house training school in 2012, making it easier to keep skills alive
  • 500 employees trained by Cap Métiers in 2021
  • 15 interns trained by our teams every year
  • We have been Qualiopi certified since 2021


We are proud to design our stylish and durable furniture in France. Carrying ISO 9001 certification and our 10-year guarantee, the quality of our furniture begins with our choice of local, sustainably managed raw material.

Our initiatives for healthy and sustainable homes: 

  • All our furniture is eco-designed using 100% French wood
  • Our furniture can be easily dismantled and reassembled to extend its lifespan, however many times you move house
  • Our panels have a low formaldehyde content
  • Our furniture comes with a 10-year guarantee 

Our business : contemporary veneering

Our accredited eco-friendly furniture production

We are honoured to have been LUCIE-certified since 2022. This accreditation recognises the tireless work put in by our teams, at each and every stage of our value chain. But most importantly, it represents our commitment to the future: as being accredited for a period of 3 years means that we are throwing all our energies into improving even more.

Aligned with the ISO 26000 international social responsibility standard, LUCIE certification supports ethically-minded companies committed to people and the local area. 

Lucie Label

Reducing our carbon footprint

We can't deny the fact that our business emits carbon. As a result, it is our responsibility to reduce our emissions and minimise our ecological impact as much as possible. This is why we conducted a clear, uncompromising carbon review in 2022: in 2021, we emitted 80,000 tons of CO2, mostly due to material purchasing, product end-of-life and transport.

With a view to reducing our carbon emissions as much as possible, we have set out new commitments alongside our current initiatives. 

  • Increasing the proportion of recycled materials in our panels
  • Gradually replacing the low formaldehyde adhesive mix used in our panels with a plant-based adhesive
  • Reducing the weight of our packaging and using hydrocarbon-based materials
  • Expanding eco-design within our products
  • Encouraging repairability of our products to extend their lifespan even further
  • Reducing our hardware purchases and and bring sources closer to our factories

Conserving our local area

Having installed beehives in partnership with CETA44, developed eco-grazing on our sites, and committed to working with Bocage d'Avenir to maintain countryside hedgerows, we are keen to support our local area and its biodiversity.

Fancy joining us? 

We can only improve by working with you and for you! Do you have any ideas for initiatives we could work on together? Would you like to join the #GautierTeam? Or maybe you'd just like to find out more about our approach? 

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