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Five interior design tips for small rooms

Planning the layout of a small space can be tricky, whether it's your entrance hall, living room, bedroom or another part of the house. But there are plenty of clever and creative tricks you can use to make the most of every square metre. Here we give you tips and advice to help you turn these small rooms into practical, elegant and useful additions to your home. We also tell you what not to do!

Think modular

What could be better than space-saving furniture tailored to fit the room? With our modular ranges, you can choose pieces in different sizes and depths to easily create your own combination. And why not consider multifunctional pieces? Furniture with more than one use can expand your available space. Think large drawers, storage niches and decorative shelving. Making hard-to-reach places accessible (tops of doors, overhead spaces, underneath stairs) is a great way to keep your entrance or hallway looking good while maximising your storage space!

Maximise your space

If your home is on the cosy side, maximising your space is key. Because every square metre counts, it's important to choose furniture wisely to suit the space and your needs. Don't over-clutter! Add your own personal touch to the room by creating more space in hard-to-reach corners, on walls and under stairs. Clutter-free storage is a rare and precious commodity in a small home!

Why not consider foldaway furniture?

Foldaway furniture is ideal for small spaces and a great way to conceal bulky items or store them when not in use.

Pull-down beds are still a popular choice for making a small apartment larger, or for bedrooms that are also used for exercise or yoga practice. When morning comes, simply pull up the bed and reclaim the space!

In your living area, opt for occasional furniture that comes into its own when you have friends over for dinner. You can't beat a console table in the entrance hall that turns into an elegant 8-seater dining table!

Wow with white

Deciding on the layout of a space-challenged room is not just about the furniture—the decoration is equally important. It's a well-known fact that white brightens a room, reflecting the light and making it look larger. To avoid a monochrome white-out, you could use one of the many variations of off-white that are available like pearl grey, pastel blue or powder pink. There's one to suit everyone! And don't forget some touches of colour to "deconstruct" the room. Colourful cushions, bed linen, wall decorations or lights work well with white to create the illusion of space. One last tip is to decorate a wall of your living room with a large-patterned wallpaper to make it seem bigger.

Embrace minimalism

Understated and simple yet light and stylish, minimalism has proven its worth in small rooms. Forget about your grandmother's bulky wardrobes and thick rugs that take up space and impede the flow of the room. You need a decor that breathes.

Get creative in your small space! Your furniture should suit the way you live as well as the size of your home. Designing the layout of a small space takes careful consideration. If you need inspiration, our interior design consultants will be happy to help.

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